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Chat has come of age. In the words of Chip Gliedman, Forrester Research: "Smart organisations are evaluating the merits of adding chat and other interactive functions to their websites to better engage the customer and potentially increase sales."

Today, there’s a fast growing population of Internet users who are accustomed to communicating virtually and instantly via chat rooms, Instant Messaging and Skype - and for whom the concept of chat is natural, intuitive and expected.

Chat is no longer considered to be a costly customer service channel: on the contrary, agents can handle several conversations simultaneously in the time it can take to handle a single phone call.

In a customer service and technical support environment: the ability to resolve issues in a single chat session increases first contact resolution and customer satisfaction. In a sales environment: the potential to increase sales through proactive chat is proven and too compelling to ignore.

Eptica Chat 2.1™ enables you to achieve even greater sales and efficiency benefits by delivering a chat service which is deployed with added intelligence: when and where your customers need it most; making best use of customer service resources; and which can be easily integrated with other customer contact channels such as web self-service and email.

  • Empower agents to provide service that stands out from your competitors - giving them access to a history of customers’ previous interactions with your company so they can respond with a deeper understanding of their requirements.
  • Allow agents to search and draw on content from a self-learning knowledgebase of product and customer service information to help them deal with chat sessions more efficiently, thoroughly and consistently.
  • Use your agents’ chat sessions to build your customer service knowledgebase – in a single click agents can copy questions that need content into the system’s workflow.
  • Guide customers through complex tasks such as form filling and technical support.
  • Minimise the cost of operating your chat service while maximising online sales and cross-selling by filtering out routine questions that can easily be answered through web self-service.

Eptica enables your Web and customer service channels to work together to improve customer engagement, give customers better information, resolve enquiries faster and maximise every sales opportunity.

Eptica Benefits

  • Reduce inbound emails by half
  • Reduce inbound calls by 30% and more
  • Reduce repeat emails by 25%
  • Reduce email handling time by 50%
  • Improve first contact resolution to more than 90%
  • Increase sales conversion


Web Chat Factsheet

Intelligently managed to minimise costs and maximise online sales.

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Case Study: L’Occitane en Provence

In order to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency, L’Occitane en Provence selected Eptica for its multichannel and multilingual customer relations management solutions.

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