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Multichannel and Multilingual Customer Interaction Management Solutions

Eptica is a leader in multichannel and multilingual customer interaction management software, covering email, web, social media, web chat and agent channels. Our solution is available on premise, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or a hybrid solution. The Eptica Customer Engagement Suite™ enables organizations to improve engagement with customers, increase efficiency and drive sales by delivering fast, consistent and personalized responses to their queries, through their channel of choice.

Email Management

Evolve the way your business deals with customer email management. Improve your first-time-contact productivity and resolution rate by providing relevant, rapid and high-quality responses to your clients thanks to an advanced linguistic analysis system which automatically processes incoming interactions to detect key elements of a message, its tone, language and meaning.

Agent Knowledge Base

A dynamic, self-learning knowledge base facility for Customer Service representatives handling calls.


Improve the efficiency of agents’ responses and provide rapid, relevant and consistent responses for every customer query.


Create value, increase your sales and minimize the cost of query handling by providing customers with a real-time, interactive chat service. Eptica Chat™ helps create instant customer satisfaction by pinpointing what help your customers need, proactive directing them to the relevant section of the website, and increasing your sales.


Speed up the processing of incoming faxes and letters by transforming them into work items within the Eptica queue. Eptica Fax-Letter-SMS™ centralizes and optimizes communication management through such features as linguistic analysis processing, follow-up tools, response models, a knowledge database and reporting tools.


Improve your customers’ online experience and reduce service costs by enabling them to immediately find the right response to their queries themselves. Eptica Self-service™ automatically suggests the best response to questions asked using natural language submitted via websites which may lead to call and email volume reductions of up to 65%.

Social Media

Follow conversations from beginning to end by listening, responding and interacting effectively with existing and prospective customers via social media. Make sure that the right people are always selected to give the most appropriate response, whether they are community managers, marketing services staff, customer service staff or expert product advisers via Eptica Social Media Interaction Management™.

Enterprise Agent

Eptica Enterprise Agent is a sophisticated email, social media and digital interaction response system that ensures that the best people outside of your contact center can deliver excellent service to customers.

Why choose Eptica?

  • Customer-focused: Eptica’s team of experienced experts is on hand to deliver your vision and strategy, as well ensure optimal deployment. Today over 400 customers in more than 15 countries, use Eptica solutions to deliver excellent customer service at much lower cost.
  • Innovative: Eptica’s advanced linguistic analysis system evaluates natural language to detect key elements of incoming messages, gathering information for individualized responses and analyzing market trends.
  • Flexibility – Agility: Eptica has a solution for every size of company. Yours will be aligned to meet the needs of your customers and solve your specific business challenges.
  • Reliability:  Eptica offers an innovative solution based on a unique, dynamic and self-learning knowledge base with powerful workflow search technology, to handle customer interaction management in a personalized, centralized and consistent manner.
  • Integrated: Eptica’s solution can be quickly and easily integrated with CRM and telephony solutions. Integration projects can be implemented and supported through professional services and our large network of integrators, outsourcers and partners.
  • International Presence: Available in over 25 languages, Eptica is truly multilingual and enables multinational companies to provide a consistent high quality customer experience worldwide.