Vivastreet & EasyRoommate

Vivastreet & EasyRoommate Case Study

“Operating globally in multiple languages and 27 countries it is vital that we provide a responsive, local service to our users. By using Eptica we’ve improved satisfaction and increased efficiency. Email response times have fallen dramatically, with 85% now answered within 5 hours, down from an average of 48 hours before the system was deployed. Calls have been reduced by 66% while growing our customer base by 30%.”

Pauline Delalandre, Head of Customer Services, Easyroommate

“In the ultra competitive classified advertising market, the only way to differentiate from rivals is to focus on delivering a high quality experience to consumers that builds trust. Eptica underpins all our customer contact, ensuring we provide a fast, consistent and above all comprehensive service to our growing number of users. It is a vital part of our worldwide success.”

Karine Teixera, Head of Customer Services, Vivastreet

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