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US Retail Multichannel Customer Experience Study

We evaluated 500 leading US Retailers on their ability to provide answers to 10 routine questions via Email, Chat, Facebook Twitter. We invite you to download the study for detailed infographics, sector breakdowns and a best practice guides...

  • Consumers vs Agents: Can the Gap be closed?

  • UK 2015 Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study

  • November 25, 2015

    Consistency – the missing ingredient in retail customer service?

    When it comes to customer service, consumers want the ability to contact you through their channel of choice and get the same positive experience - receiving fast, accurate and consistent answers - however they get in touch.Delivering consistency is therefore important to both customers and the...

  • November 20, 2015

    Systems versus service

    Earlier in the year I moved house and needed to change the existing energy supplier for the property. By the time all the paperwork was completed, I owed the old utility for a week’s energy. The bill arrived, and when I opened it I had a real shock. It was enormous – the company wanted to charge me $73,295.44 for just 7 days service! Clearly, there was some mistake...

  • November 03, 2015

    Email beats social media as best channel for customer service in retail

    Email delivers the fastest and most accurate customer service in retail, far exceeding social media and other channels, according to new research from multichannel customer engagement software provider Eptica..

  • August 07, 2015

    Eptica continues expansion in H1 2015

    Eptica announces continued operational growth on SaaS solution across the first six months of 2015. Revenues and profitability were driven by increased customer numbers, particularly from companies adopting its Cloud based solution.