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Eptica Contact Assistant™ enables customer service agents to provide fast, accurate and consistent answers to every telephone enquiry. It’s the easy way to boost agent productivity and deliver efficient, high quality customer service. The effect on contact centre performance is immediate, with improved first contact resolution and reduced handling times apparent from day one.

The system combines a dynamic, self-learning knowledge base with powerful meaning based search technology, call tracking and customer contact history, which together enable agents to optimise the effectiveness of their customer interactions. So much so, that organisations consistently tell us:

  • Quality of service is improved and around 50% of customer service agents move quickly into their ‘best performing agents’ category
  • Productivity is increased, customer wait times reduced and they can handle more enquiries with fewer agents
  • Time required to train agents is typically reduced by 20%
  • New agents are quickly operational and ready to respond to client requests

Outsourcers bound by client performance standards tell us that Eptica Contact Assistant™ has serious financial and service quality benefits: enabling them to dramatically reduce, or avoid altogether, the penalties that can arise from failing to deliver on efficiency or quality of service.

Eptica Contact Assistant is a future proof investment. It enables you to build upon a centralised knowledge base that can be rolled out across other contact channels with ease. It can be integrated with Eptica Self-service, making your knowledge base searchable online. It can also be integrated with Eptica Email Management to ensure email responses are consistent with call handling.

Use Eptica Contact Assistant to boost the effectiveness of your Contact Centre.

  • Reduce call wait times and delays in responses
  • Reduce call duration and handling time by providing agents with everything they need to answer the enquiry
  • Increase resolution rate at first contact – by automatically providing agents with the best information to answer the question
  • Improve service quality and consistency – by enabling agents to respond quickly and expertly with the most up-to-date information
  • Increase contact centre efficiency - handle more enquiries with fewer agents
  • Minimise duplication – add information once, make it available to all customer service agents

Eptica enables your Web and customer service channels to work together to improve customer engagement, give customers better information, resolve enquiries faster and maximise every sales opportunity.


  • Boost Agent productivity
  • Improve quality and consistency of service
  • Improve First Contact Resolution through your phone channel
  • Reduce call duration and handling time
  • Add information to the knowledge base once, make it available to all customer service agents


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Improves first contact resolution and consistency of agents’ answers.

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