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Use Eptica Fax-Letter-SMS™ to recover time and reduce costs spent on manually processing inbound fax and documents.

Eptica Fax-Letter-SMS™ routes incoming Fax and scanned letters to agents as inbound emails for fast, efficient processing. You can also easily leverage multiple contact methods for responses – for example, by replying to urgent letters by fax, or informing customers by SMS that their request has been processed.

Key information such as customer details, account number and reservation dates can be extracted from the image of any fax or scanned document and used to pre populate fields in applications such as Eptica Email Management, and your reservation and CRM systems.

Flexible and sophisticated workflow enable Fax and letters to be routed as emails and prioritised according to criteria such as guest arrival dates on a holiday booking form – and most importantly, enabling you to operate the most effective enquiry handling process for your business.

Used in conjunction with Eptica Email Management™, pre-defined email response templates and a dynamic, self-learning knowledgebase boost agent productivity, cut response times and ensure all agents are delivering high-quality, accurate answers. Agents can also access details of customers’ previous interactions with the company for more effective customer engagement.

Use Eptica Fax-Letter-SMS to:

  • Reduce headcount costs by recovering lost time spent on manual fax and document input
  • Remove human error associated with manual data entry of incoming fax or image documents
  • Minimise processing and response time
  • Improve quality of service and agents’ performance levels
  • Increase business efficiency by apply sophisticated workflow, response rules and tracking to offline enquiries

Eptica Benefits

  • Reduce time and cost spent manually processing fax and letters
  • Minimise processing and response times
  • Leverage multiple contact methods for responses
  • Remove human error associated with manual processing
  • Automatic prioritisation and routing


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