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Social media represents a wealth of opportunity to shape customer relationships. It’s also a place where complaints can escalate beyond control.

As you start to monitor what customers say about your brand and products, you can be literally overwhelmed by the sheer volume of noise it creates and who and how you should manage it.

With Eptica Social Media Interaction Management, you can now listen, respond and interact successfully with your customers and prospects on Social Media, ensuring the right people in your organisation are engaged in delivering the best response - including marketing, customer service and experts within your organisation.

Eptica Social Media Interaction Management includes:

  • Eptica Social Media Observer
  • Third Generation Customer Interaction Workflow

Let your customers contact you through Facebook. It has revolutionized the way people interact socially, it can also transform how you deliver customer service. Eptica makes it easy for you to make social media a real channel of customer service, where customers can reach out to your service team for answers to their sales or service questions.

With complete end-to-end conversation tracking and interaction management you can now proactively identify customer opportunities, quickly act to solve customer complaints before they become serious issues and ensure your social media engagement strategy is a success.

We call it Social Customer Service.

Eptica Benefits

  • Reduce inbound emails by half
  • Reduce inbound calls by 30% and more
  • Reduce repeat emails by 25%
  • Reduce email handling time by 50%
  • Improve first contact resolution to more than 90%
  • Increase sales conversion


Social Media Interaction Management Factsheet

Complete end-to-end conversation tracking and social media interaction management

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The new Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study

100 leading UK companies were evaluated on their ability to provide answers to 10 routine questions via Email, Web Chat and Twitter.

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