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Date : 09/18/2007

8 good reasons why you should visit Eptica at CC Expo...

  1. Optimise online customer service - Provide your customers with an enhanced online experience and provide your organisation with a more efficient, flexible and powerful customer contact operation.
  2. Empower your customers - Allow your customers to find their own answers on your website by simply browsing using natural language searches. Give them the power to search your knowledge base and intelligent FAQs, to ask questions in their own words whenever they like, with results presented instantly.
  3. Provide quality information and service 24/7 - Successful web self-service depends upon the quality and quantity of information available and the ease with which it can be accessed. To help organisations continuously fine tune their knowledge base and improve the quality of their replies, customers are invited to score each document used on your website, providing Service Managers with crucial feedback in real-time on customer satisfaction levels.
  4. Effectively manage communication - The fastest growing customer service challenge faced today is the need to transform the ways we communicate with customers. To differentiate through customer service, an organisation needs to be able to effectively manage online communication, and have confidence that every communication with a customer is a positive representative of the organisation.
  5. Differentiate - The opportunity to enlist in email management and web self service means that organisations can differentiate themselves and cut costs without losing personalisation.
  6. Consistency of communication - Careless emails can be costly to an organisation - being able to apply consistency to every email is essential in a litigious climate.
  7. European success stories - Eptica's proven success in the European market, with customers like: Barclays Bank, Ikea, Mobal, Brent Council, ING Direct, Danone, Total, Exxon and others.
  8. Excel in customer service - Eptica's sole focus is to provide solutions to enable contact centres and e-business oriented companies to create, manage and develop in real-time, their relationship with clients, suppliers and partners via the internet.

Eptica will also be hosting a cheese and wine tasting reception at CC Expo on Wednesday 26th September at stand E22, from 3pm. Please come along to meet the Eptica team!