Charities Aid Foundation


Charities Aid Foundation

Established over 90 years ago, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is one of Europe’s largest charitable foundations. It produces research on charities and charitable giving, develops policy ideas and works with people, companies and charities to help good causes thrive. CAF supports over 73,000 charities, more than 250,000 individual donors and 7,300 corporate donors in over 100 countries. Since 2000, CAF has paid out over £4.8 billion to charities.


The challenge

CAF works with a wide range of organisations and individuals, meaning that its 80 strong customer service team has to respond to emails across a wide range of topics. These can concern corporate Give As You Earn schemes, individuals looking to donate through CAF accounts or charities themselves looking to boost their fundraising.


CAF had two objectives when it came to customer service. It wanted to improve the end-to-end customer experience, delivering a fast, joined-up and knowledge-based response to all emails. Secondly, it wanted to maximise efficiency, so that it could pass on the maximum amount of donations to charities by keeping administration costs as low as possible. After investigating the market, CAF selected Eptica’s artificial intelligence-powered customer experience platform. We invite you to download the full case study.


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