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Date : 12/30/2010

Eptica Email Management Software improves efficiency and reduces customer service costs by half

Eptica Email Management software enables you to reduce email handling time and costs by half and improve the quality of your email responses with First Contact Resolution rates of more than 95%.

When your customers send you an email, they want a quick and relevant answer. If they’re left waiting too long, or receive a reply that doesn’t answer their question, they’re likely to phone, or email again - a recipe for increasing customer frustration and the workload in busy contact centres.

Eptica Email Management™ tackles these issues by improving email handling efficiency and the quality of your agents’ email replies. Expect to reduce repeat emails and cut email handling time by as much as half, and achieve an overall reduction in inbound contact, including phone calls.

Eptica Email Management goes beyond simply managing email volume and routing. It uses an advanced workflow engine, meaning based search and self-learning customer service knowledgebase to manage customer email interaction. As a result, your customers will receive faster, more accurate answers.

Eptica Email Management software can also take you on the journey to online self-service – by using your replies to inbound queries to build a searchable knowledgebase of customer service information which your customers can easily access online. Your call and email volumes will immediately decline as customers begin to find the answers they want on your Web site.