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Eptica Chat™ enables you to achieve even greater customer service, sales and efficiency benefits by delivering a chat service which is deployed with added intelligence - when and where your customers need it most. It makes best use of customer service resources and can be easily integrated with other customer contact channels such as web self-service and email.

Eptica Chat empowers agents to provide service that stands out from your competitors, giving them access to a history of customers’ previous interactions with your company so they can respond with a deeper understanding of their requirements. Agents can also handle several chat conversations at the same time, meaning that productivity and ROI is dramatically increased.

Agents can guide customers through complex tasks such as form filling and technical support, as well as search and draw on content from a self-learning knowledge base to help them deal with chat sessions more efficiently, thoroughly and consistently.

Eptica chat provides a highly sophisticated, scalable and secure environment. It is feature rich and provides an ideal platform to service customers online in real time. It is easily configurable to maintain a low cost of ownership and dynamic to react to changing business conditions.

Features & Benefits

Proactive chat invitations

Flexible rules and workflow enable chat invitations to be triggered based on any number of criteria such as: search terms; time spent on site or viewing a particular product; repeated visits or prolonged time spent on your web self-service pages.


Agents can guide customers through tasks such as form filling and technical support.

Skills based routing

Eptica Chat can automatically route a customer to the relevant agent group based on the context of their activity on your website.

Multiple sessions 

Agents can take part in multiple chat conversations in the time it takes an agent to handle a single phone call.

Integrated A/B testing

Integrated A/B testing enables you to test different approaches and keep what works best.

Agent knowledge base

Dynamic, self-learning knowledge base improves the efficiency of every chat agent.


Agents can search content from the knowledge base into chat conversations, including links to document locations and pre-written responses, for faster and more complete resolution to queries.

Self-learning knowledge base

The Eptica knowledge base learns, from the way it is used, which content is best for answering a specific question.


Every interaction with the knowledge base continues to refine and enhance the relevance of content using both customers’ and agents’ search histories.

Chat design

A comprehensive wizard provides flexible chat design out of the box. If desired, Eptica Chat can be fully customized to your brand.

Agent transfer

Agents can transfer chats to either groups of users, service lines or individuals. This can be very useful in situations such as verification or if a customer needs help from a different department, enabling you to offer providing a higher level of service to the customer. All chat transfers are tracked and are visible in the chat transcript.

Web call back and web lead functionality

Allow customers to choose how and when they interact with the contact center.

Multilingual agent and customer support

Customers can chat in any language, with the agent interface available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese (basic).

Protect your customers’ information

Eptica Chat is HTTPs compliant to ensure complete data integrity and protection. Agent and customer messages are encrypted using SSL/TLS technology.

Customer Survey forms

Eptica Chat enables customers to complete post survey forms to assist in shaping customer satisfaction.

Reporting and analysis

Comprehensive productivity and service level reporting.

Real time graphical dashboard

Administrators can see the activity by service line and agent in real time to help them measure the true KPIs and direct their resources accordingly.

Eptica Linguistic Search

Flexible search allows agents fast access to information by typing natural language questions, key words or browsing by topic.

XMPP Agent Client support

Extend your web chat functionality to the entire enterprise with users able to chat with customers using their desired standard chat client for example Messages (for Mac), Trillian and Pidgin, with new XMPP clients being added to the supported list all the time.