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With 144.8 billion sent every day, email continues to be a vital channel for customer service. In fact, the rise of mobile devices, which allow consumers to email easily wherever they are, means that the number of messages companies receive is actually growing.

Providing timely, accurate responses, and ensuring that you have management control and visibility over the process is particularly difficult if companies rely on desktop email programs. While these may be fine for small scale customer service operations they simply cannot manage larger volumes of incoming messages.

Raise the standard on email answers

For a customer, there is nothing worse than receiving an email reply through an automated system which doesn’t answer their question. Too many email systems use automation to handle high volumes of emails faster, but fall way short on delivering accurate answers. If the system makes too broad an analysis of meaning, a high proportion of customers will receive inappropriate generic responses. There’s no point in handling email in this way because it simply causes customers to send repeat emails or make phone calls when they don’t get a complete resolution.

Eptica Email Management™ software will solve your email management headaches by making it easy to deliver exceptional email customer service with faster replies, better quality answers and significantly reduced customer service costs.

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If your customers are left waiting too long, or receive an email reply that doesn’t answer their question, they’re likely to phone, or email again - a recipe for increasing customer frustration and the workload in busy contact centers. Eptica Email Management tackles these issues by improving email handling efficiency and the quality of your agents’ email replies. Expect to reduce handling time and costs by as much as half and improve the quality of your email responses with First Contact Resolution rates of more than 95%. As a result you’ll achieve an overall reduction in inbound contact, including phone calls.

Eptica’s unique linguistics techniques and workflow features will help you drive organizational efficiency and boost the quality and accuracy of your agents’ email replies. Incoming messages are automatically analyzed to identifying the tone used by the customer, so you can make sure that key unhappy customers are processed promptly. Average handling times are reduced by systematically presenting agents with the best responses from a self-learning knowledge base of pre-scripted email templates.

Your Eptica Email Management solution can also take you on the journey to online self-service by using your email replies to inbound queries to build a searchable knowledge base of customer service information which your customers can easily access online. Your call and email volumes will immediately decline as customers find the answers they want on your website. Eptica enables your customer service channels to work together to improve customer engagement, give customers better information, resolve queries faster and maximize every sales opportunity.

Features & Benefits

Intelligent email routing

Highly intelligent and configurable routing can automatically assign queries to agents according to each customer’s profile and each agent’s competence.

Email response management workflow

The management of email and other text based interactions is handled through a centralized knowledge base and powerful workflow that ensures responses to customers are accurate, consistent and timely: even when customers cross from one channel to another, or queries are referred out of your contact center for handling.

Comprehensive query history

With each inbound email, agents can be presented with as much information about the query as possible, such as: the customer’s account details; the query’s full history (an query can contain several email exchanges regarding the same issue between the customer and the contact center) the customer’s past service history; a list of all other queries from the same customer waiting to be processed; and a summary of the customer’s specific needs and interests: this is done by analyzing the client’s navigation path and/or a textual analysis of the customer’s query.

Dynamic, self-learning knowledge base

The Eptica knowledge base learns, from the way it is used, which email responses are best for answering specific questions. As agents use, edit and create new replies, these interactions with the knowledge base continuously enhance and refine the relevance of content. Agents can recommend new content to the workflow as they receive new questions, which they don’t have information for, helping to keep the knowledge base up-to-date as they work. Agents can also draw on the knowledge base for fast answers to queries simply by typing natural language questions in their own words.

Personalized responses

Agents can personalize pre-scripted templates, add web links, and attach documents from a resource library.

Automatic responses

Reduces contact center workload by dealing with specific types of requests that do not need agent intervention such as: notifying change of address, requesting password, asking for product literature.

Extraction of significant content

Eptica automatically analyses incoming emails to identify key components: key content, header, signature, disclaimer, past exchanges, etc. The inbound message is then presented cleaned of all ‘noise’, so the agent can focus on the query itself. The full message of the customer and the cleaned version are saved and both can be viewed at all times.

Easy to keep content up to date

Eptica’s content and query management workflow makes the process of adding new content exceptionally painless. Information can be published in a click and requires no content tagging or programming of concepts. Add new content in response to new searches and queries initiated by customers and customer service agents, or by adding new information at any time such as for new products and promotions.

HTML content editor

Content is published within a consistent style template. An easy to use editor allows basic editing of text content and the ability to add links to web pages, downloadable forms and brochures such as instruction manuals.

Query escalation to supervisor

A query escalated by an agent to a supervisor is handled by workflow to ensure the query is fully managed and returned to the agent, with corrections and advice notes. Or, if the supervisor deems the agent’s reply to be correct, it is approved, and automatically sent to the customer.

Escalation to external experts

Queries can be escalated from the contact center to internal staff or even outside the organization (such as through a trade partner or intermediary) to persons with skills sets identified by Eptica Email Management. The system sends the query to the person’s email inbox and routes the reply through Eptica Email Management. All exchanges are logged and tracked to provide a complete view of all exchanges between the company and its customers.

Internal attachments

Agents can attach documents when forwarding a request to external specialist. The documents will be attached to the request as internal documents only. They can be viewed by the external specialists but will not be sent to the customer.

Customizable email forms

Email forms can be customized to carry your company’s brand look and feel. Additionally, forms can be designed to collect additional information from the customer that can be used to assist agents in answering the query and fed into CRM systems, such as product codes and account numbers.

Comprehensive dashboard

Presents key performance indicators such as the average time taken to process requests and number of request s remaining in the queue. Agents can also have their own personal page showing their own productivity rates.

Dynamic information push

Targeted, tailored messages can be automatically included in email acknowledgements and replies. You can automatically include personalized information about special offers, loyalty points or renewal dates and up sell and cross sell by displaying promotional offers relevant to the customers’ interest or insert a link to a customer satisfaction survey to collect customer feedback.

Monitor contact center activity in real-time

Supervisors can discretely view agents’ responses and automatically check each agent’s performance history. Potential problems can be quickly identified and resolved.

Supervisor reporting

Access over 50 web-based reports, available in real-time or pre-run for key indicators such as email activity, contact centre activity, email quality of service, agent productivity, subject matter, most frequently used predefined responses, searched words via a tag cloud and more.

Self-learning knowledge base

The Eptica knowledge base learns, from the way it is used, which content is best for answering a specific question. Every interaction with the knowledge base continues to refine and enhance the relevance of content using both customers’ and agents’ search histories.

Multilingual, multibranding

Organizations with a global presence and multiple brands can deliver consistent, high-quality service across their entire online and mobile customer contact operations. Eptica Self-service is available in 26 languages.