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Social Media Success: End-to-end conversation tracking and Interaction Management

Improve customer satisfaction and sales by letting your customers contact you for service through social media. After all it’s the fastest growing community in the world. As multiple studies show, social media is now a key channel for customer service. A J.D. Power study found that two thirds of customers who contacted a company on social media did so for customer service. 

Consumer expectations around social customer service are extremely high. They demand near real-time answers, a personal response and a solution to any issues they are having. Fail to provide this and they will share their frustrations with their entire world – leading to potential brand damage and lost sales well beyond the scope of the original complaint.

However, as you start to monitor what customers say about your brand and products, you can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of noise it creates and who and how you should manage it best.

Twitter performance

Findings from a recent Eptica survey:

  • 76%

    While 76% of companies had a Twitter handle

  • 53%

    Just 53% of them responded to a tweet sent directly to them

  • 39%

    Only 39% providing an accurate response

With Eptica Social Media Interaction Management™ you can listen, respond and interact successfully with your customers and prospects on Social Media, ensuring the right people in your organization, including marketing, customer service and experts, are engaged in delivering the best response.

Social Media has not only revolutionized the way people interact but it can also transform how you deliver customer service. Eptica makes it easy for you to turn social media a real channel of customer service, where customers can reach out to your service team for answers to their sales or service questions. With complete end-to-end conversation tracking and interaction management through Eptica Social Media Interaction Management you can now proactively identify customer opportunities, quickly act to solve customer complaints before they become serious issues and ensure your social media engagement strategy is a success. We call it Social Customer Service.

Key features & benefits

Near real-time analysis of social media posts

Eptica’s software listens across the social web, analyzing the tone of posts in blogs, Twitter and Facebook to detect and automatically flag relevant comments. These could include positive conversations delivering valuable customer insight into your organization, along with high priority comments requiring an immediate response.

Powerful customer interaction workflow

Eptica’s advanced workflow capability combines sophisticated rules, tailored to your organization’s business process, to reach any person in your organization and enables multiple people to collaborate together in order to process social media interactions.

Centralized self-learning customer service knowledge base

Your social media observers can quickly push important information through the social channel using common customer service knowledge to provide consistent answers. You can also use content captured from social media interactions to enhance the system’s self-learning knowledge Base and benefit communication in other service channels.

Unified Customer Interaction Management

Social media comments are incorporated seamlessly into your customer management process, allowing them to be managed efficiently, tracked fully and recorded within Eptica’s multichannel customer engagement platform like any other customer interaction. Social media posts are presented to staff in context enabling them to respond through the Facebook and Twitter interface, or request help from another person in the organization to process it.

CRM integration

When integrated with your company’s CRM system, Eptica Social Media Interaction Management can also identify if the post is from an existing customer and add it to their individual customer record.

All-in-one, enterprise wide solution

Eptica provides complete lifecycle management of the conversations you should be responding to, ensuring the right people in your organization are engaged in delivering the right answer in a timely manner, including for example your social media managers in marketing, your agents in customer care, and your company’s technical product experts.