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vecko pinpoints action plans and empowers organisations and their employees to embed customer intelligence into their daily decisions.

vecko delivers information, ideas and tools to make every customer experience a memorable one.

Collect the complete voice of the customer across the entire customer journey

  • vecko is a multichannel solution which easily integrates with all conversational platforms and feedback programmes.
  • vecko collects the complete voice of the customer, analysing customer conversations in real-time as well as brand-administered feedback: chat, email, speech to text, social media, satisfaction surveys.

Analyse what customers say

  • vecko guarantees more than 95% reliability of customer conversation analysis through the use of embedded AI, providing real, actionable customer insight on patterns, emotions, risks of churn, intent, etc.
  • The acquired customer knowledge smoothly feeds the CRM data

Improve your customers’ mood through emotional intelligence

The only solution to successfully analyse emotions in the voice of the customer !


  • vecko provides new dashboards which determine the proportion of each key emotion aroused in your customers: fear, disappointment, anger, satisfaction, astonishment, surprise, etc.
  • Through customer conversation analysis, vecko uncovers the real reason behind these emotions, enabling their improved management: reduce those emotions which generate churn and increase the positive ones which lead to customer loyalty and stimulate buying behaviour.

Share action plans across the entire organisation

  • Build customer loyalty by improving your scores (CSAT, LTR, NPS, etc).
  • Work together to improve the customer experience: through simple to use dashboards and built-in alerting, all departments can identify tactical and strategic priority actions.


Case Study: Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance


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Unlocking customer insight with technology

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Introducing a new era of customer intelligence, vecko helps brands create memorable experiences for happy and loyal customers.