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Eptica recognizes that the implementation of a full Customer Interaction Management solution is made up of more than just the solution, it is also about ensuring that your organization, its leaders and knowledge workers, understand what the solution can achieve and how to achieve it. Staff must be enabled to quickly push important information through the right interaction channel and easily collaborate with colleagues to manage information requests and issues before they become serious.

Eptica Education is designed to provide practical information for all staff that will need to interact with the Eptica product set during the course of the implementation lifecycle, from solution design through to its ongoing usage, support and maintenance.


Configuration Concept Training

Configuration Concept Training is aimed at your project team and is focused on the capabilities of the Eptica product and how it can be configured in order to form a business solution.  This includes coverage of the various configuration options and the decisions that need to be made against these options. The training is delivered as part of the configuration workshop.


Product Training

Eptica Product Training familiarizes you with Eptica functionality and concepts from an end user perspective. The aim is to provide a user context for subsequent project activities for your Key Business Users, Project Team and Trainers. The training is typically delivered in an instructor-led formal class room style with the aim to Train-the Trainers and key users to manage and support the solution.


User Training

User Training is focused on providing the end-user of the solution with the skills and knowledge to be able to complete their day-to-day business operations within the Eptica based solution. It requires a combination of:

  • Education in your Email Management Policy and Procedures
  • Training in the your specific configured solution
  • Operational Business Support from Key Business Users


Specialist Training

Specialist education refers to the skills and knowledge needed to configure, administer and support the solution. As such, specialist education is typically unique to the each organization and their specific solution. This training is delivered via customized workshops. For a full list of courses available please contact us today.