The top 5 areas where linguistics delivers for customer service teams

The top 5 areas where linguistics delivers for customer service teams

Published on: December 11, 2013
Author: Eptica

Customer service teams face growing challenges, particularly around understanding and responding to the growing number of unstructured queries they receive through digital channels such as email, social media and the web. In previous posts we’ve explained what linguistics (the scientific study of language) is and how it re-writes the rules for successful customer service. In this article, I want to focus on the top five advantages it provides – if you want to improve in any of these areas (and who doesn’t), linguistics can help:

  1. Achieve Higher First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates
    Through semantic analysis, techniques such as linguistic search understand the context and meaning of a written question and automatically provide a more accurate, consistent response from your knowledgebase, anytime and anywhere. This means queries are dealt with effectively at the first time of asking, resulting in higher First Contact Resolution rates.
  2. Deliver high quality answers, faster, to increase efficiency
    Linguistic analysis of incoming queries across every channel ensures that they are routed to the best available agent, who is automatically armed with the best answer, enabling them to be answered more efficiently. This reduces costs while improving your Average Handling Time (AHT). 
  3. Increase satisfaction and efficiency by letting your customers speak
    Understand all your customers, whatever terms or language they use. Linguistics enables you to quickly identify different languages and also learns to recognise slang and specific formats such as text speak and Twitter. By allowing customers to interact in their own way you strengthen loyalty and improve the customer experience as well as providing an efficient, multilingual response through a single system.
  4. Grow business and prevent customer churn
    By analysing the sentiment and tone of a query, such as positive or negative language, companies can prioritise accordingly. These timely interventions can turn potential lost customers into brand advocates. They can also identify patterns and trends to enable you to become more proactive.
  5. Listen to the Voice of your Customers to best meet their needs
    Customer service interactions deliver deep insight into what your customers want and should be the cornerstone of your Big Data strategy. Use linguistics to analyse and track themes across all channels – what are they asking or searching for and how can you best provide it to keep them happy? By sharing this information with the entire business you will benefit from a 360 degree view of your customers.

The good news is that embracing linguistics doesn’t have to involve a complete change to your customer service infrastructure. By working with a software partner with strong linguistic capabilities you can evolve your operations, applying its benefits to drive your business forward.

To find out more about linguistics and how it can help you download our free white paper from the Eptica website.

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