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Staff, no matter how motivated, can’t give consistently high levels of service without access to the right tools and information. Customer service employees need to be supported by a system that integrates information and knowledge into a single repository that underpins all customer interactions across multiple channels. Centralizing knowledge raises customer satisfaction, ensures consistency and increases First Contact Resolution rates.

Eptica Agent Knowledge Base™ enables internal staff to access relevant content, ensuring they can provide fast, accurate and consistent answers to every customer or internal enquiry.  The solution combines the self-learning knowledge base and Eptica’s linguistic search technology. It also leverages the comprehensive multichannel customer interaction history, to ensure the customer experience is personalized and consistent even when moving between channels.

Knowledge is a constantly evolving asset

Agent activities and their use of the knowledge base are recorded by Eptica, providing valuable insight with regard to the activity of your staff and the queries they are handling.

Agents can quickly find answers either using the powerful multilingual meaning based search engine or flexible knowledge structure to support click to browse experience. Dynamic quick links, for example to ‘my recent documents’, or ‘most viewed’, make the knowledge base more engaging and easy to navigate.

For responding to customer queries via email, Eptica's powerful linguistic search engine analyses the content of each email and suggests relevant response templates to the agent, driving partial automation. The responses are driven from the central knowledge base with approved email template responses, designed and formatted especially for emails.

Key features & benefits

Self-learning knowledge base

Eptica’s knowledge base learns from the way it is used which information is best for answering an query. As agents search the knowledge base and select information their activity fine-tunes the links between questions and answers.


It can be deployed internally to provide all employees in contact with customers (e.g. customer service agents, sales departments, etc.), with quick and easy access to your customer service knowledge base.

Customer interaction history

Agents can access customer contact information, such as account and contact details and a history of the customer’s previous conversations with the company.


When Eptica is used across multiple customer service channels such as for web self-service and email management, agents will be able to view an integrated customer interaction history of telephone calls, emails and web self-service escalations.

Email follow-up

Eptica Agent Knowledge Base incorporates email functionality that allows telephone agents to send customers an email confirming details discussed in the call and attach information such as instructions, product brochures, application forms and other documents.

Transfer of calls to email

When agents receive an query best dealt with by an alternative agent group they can transfer it internally by email.


The enquiry then becomes part of the contact center’s normal email queue to be answered, monitored and tracked according to the company’s email management SLA.

Comprehensive reporting

Pre-set, easy-to-read reports enable managers and supervisors to monitor calls logged for each agent.

Search word clouds

Easy-to-read tag clouds help you to identify the words and expressions used by staff when searching for information, allowing you to then go back and adapt your documents if required.

No manual indexing

Eptica’s powerful semantic engine removes the need for manual indexing. Content can be added to the knowledge base and published in just a few clicks.

Reduce the Number of Queries submitted through other channels

Making your knowledge base searchable online through Eptica Self-service allows customers to find the answers to their questions without having to call or email.

Easy deployment and maximum flexibility

Eptica can be managed easily by business users so there is no need for expensive ongoing professional services engagements.

CRM integration

Eptica Agent Knowledge Base is easy to deploy and integrate into existing back office and multichannel architecture, including pre-built integration into many CRM systems.

Future Proof Investment - deploy across other customer service channels

Eptica Agent Knowledge Base provides you with a knowledge base that can be rolled out across other contact channels with ease. It can be integrated with Eptica Self-service™, making your knowledge base searchable online. It can also be integrated with Eptica Email Management™ to ensure email responses are consistent with call handling. In this way, all channels can draw on a single, centralized customer service knowledge base.

Depending on the level of integration and utilization of existing workflow, Eptica Email Management can organize and automate the processing of electronic requests. Incoming emails are first analyzed, and then routed to the most appropriate agent. This may be according to the agents' field of expertise, availability, or customer preference. Eptica automatically provides agents with a detailed multichannel client history, enabling replies to be tailored accordingly.  To support this, data contained in external back office legacy systems can be easily integrated into the customer file thanks to Eptica's standard open architecture and its web services.