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Extending customer service across the enterprise

Organizations today understand that customer service is everyone's job and cannot be solely left to agents in the contact center. However, in a multichannel world consumer expectations are high – they want to receive consistent, personalized service no matter how they make contact and certainly don't want to have to repeat them when they move between channels.

Customers don’t care about departmental silos or that staff may be using different systems – they want their query dealt with quickly, consistently and professionally.

Delivering this holistic service across the enterprise requires three key things that ensure the loop is closed on a customer query and records are successfully updated:

  • 1

    Knowledge management

  • 2

    Interaction Workflow

  • 3

    Monitoring systems

Boost sales and service by enabling all your experts to engage in customer service

Eptica Enterprise Agent™ is a sophisticated email, social media and digital interaction response system that ensures that the best people outside of your contact center can deliver excellent service to customers.

With intelligent routing and flexible workflow capabilities, Eptica Enterprise Agent allows organizations to design more effective customer service journeys for specific types of query. It can automatically determine whether an query should be dealt with by the contact center or an enterprise expert, routing the interaction to the best person to resolve it. Importantly, it maintains the customer interaction history for every query so you can track, trace and respond more quickly to customer email correspondence across your business.

With customer service now part of everyone’s role, it is vital that companies put in place the systems and knowledge needed to empower them to deliver a consistent, joined-up experience – otherwise they risk disappointing customers and driving them to rivals.

Features & Benefits

Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) or on premise.

Full browser based interface, users can access Eptica enterprise agent from any device.

Name routing, providing different workflows and response treatments for different queries.

Simple and intuitive user interface supported by comprehensive productivity tools – no specialist training required.

Advanced collaborative tools, enable staff to process customer requests efficiently in a business environment, including review, approval, forwarding and delegation of questions to other specialists.

Links directly to self-learning customer service knowledge base and library of document resources.

Prompts adherence to customer service SLAs through automated alerts.

Scalable solution to millions of inbound customer interactions for organizations up to 50,000 users.

Easily integrated with your corporate it environment, including CRM systems and corporate email directories as well as other 3rd party systems.

Sophisticated, configurable, automatic routing and workflow.

Secure user authentication to guarantee safety and confidentiality.

Powerful linguistic engine automatically provides customizable ‘best answer’ responses for each email query.

Dedicated reports for managers providing business intelligence and service level tracking of every query.

Compliance audit trail and archiving of all correspondence.