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Companies that fail to provide the right online service either force their prospective customers to change channel or worse, may not get a second chance as they will simply move on without bothering to use other channels such as email or phone to get in touch.

55% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their question, according to Forrester Research. 77% say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service.

Eptica Self-service™ ensures that the answers to your customer questions are easily available via your website or mobile apps. It will enable your organization to quickly and easily provide your visitors with a user-friendly, content rich, self-service environment. Leveraging the Eptica knowledge base and powered by an intelligent Linguistic search engine, customers can search and click ‘quick links’ to popular or best ranked knowledge and click-to-browse content by category.

All knowledge is held in the centralized knowledge base and can be used across all channels to ensure consistency. The central knowledge base manages multi-brand and multilingual knowledge with ease, ensuring that the best content is returned, whilst minimizing on-going system maintenance and administration.

Eptica Self-service is able to support customer interactions through your website or mobile apps. This is achieved through responsive presentations applied that ensure an optimal user experience is delivered irrespective of the browser resolution employed.

Self-service Benefits

Improve online customer experience and increase sales conversion

  • 30%

    Reduce inbound calls by 30% and more

  • 90%

    Improve answer accuracy to more than 90%

  • 50%

    Reduce inbound emails by half more than 50%

Eptica’s Self-service also offers easy escalation capabilities. At the click of a button, the customer’s query can be submitted to an agent, for example, by chat or email. As it is forwarded to the agent, the navigation history is attached to the request, increasing the agent’s ability to provide a more personalised and relevant answer and also to ensure that a new Self-service article can be created to plug the knowledge gap. Agents and customer contextual feedback, reporting and analytics can also be used to identify gaps in the knowledge base, or areas in need of enhancement.

Eptica enables your web, mobile and customer service channels to work together to improve customer engagement, providing better information to customers, resolving queries faster and maximizing every sales opportunity.

Key features & benefits

Accessible help for everyone

Eptica Self-service accommodates everyone’s search preferences. Website customers can find information quickly by typing natural language questions, phrases and keywords. They can also browse through FAQ-style entries organized by topics and subtopics.

Easy to keep content up to date

Eptica’s content and query management workflow makes the process of adding new content exceptionally painless. Information can be published in a click and requires no content tagging or programming of concepts. You can add new content in response to new searches and queries initiated by customers and customer service agents, or by adding new information at any time such as for new products and promotions.

Content modules

Multiple interfaces can be supported from a single knowledge base even though customers may access the knowledge base from different websites, such as a company with several retail brands.

Comprehensive reporting

Eptica Self-service provides a vital source of customer insight, enabling you to identify the issues that drive customer demand and where website content is missing or unclear.

Comprehensive reporting

Pre-set, easy-to-read reports enable managers and supervisors to monitor calls logged for each agent.

Multilingual, multi-branding

Organizations with a global presence and multiple brands can deliver consistent, high-quality service across their entire online and mobile customer contact operations. Eptica Self-service is available in 26 languages.

Content ratings

Allow customers to rate the effectiveness of your knowledge base entries and use this information to optimize content.

Full publication controls

Publication controls allow a date to be set for the publication and expiry of content.

Resources library

Brochures, order forms, price lists and all manner of PDFs, text files, images and embedded enhanced information such as videos can be stored for use in knowledge base entries.

Eptica enables your web, mobile and customer service channels to work together to improve customer engagement, providing better information to customers, resolving enquiries faster and maximizing every sales opportunity.